Thursday, June 12, 2008

Helping Mommy

This is my Little Monkey's idea of helping Mommy with the laundry.

If you can't tell this is the bottom of the laundry basket.

It was too quiet...

So the other day after dinner I was doing the dishes when I realized it had been too quiet in AJ's room for too long.  So I quietly snuck over and this is what I found.  

How sweet is my boy?!  He stayed in there for about 15 more minutes just reading to himself.  I am so happy he loves books so much!

Friday, June 6, 2008

So Big!

AJ and I went to pick Trav up at his studio last night.  So of course while we were there Trav whipped out the camera!  As I said before AJ is not fond of camera flashed these days and he liked the studio lights even less.  So out of the handful of shots Trav was able to get in before AJ made it very clear he was done this was the only really good picture.  And I can't believe how big he looks!  He looks so grown up sitting it that big chair and with his big boy hair cut!  It makes me just a little sad but also happy and proud all at the same time!  Here is out big grown up boy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Haircut Boy!

AJ got a haircut yesterday.  He has had several now.  He does great sitting in the fire truck seat they have.  We had them cut his hair pretty sort this time hoping it would last a while longer.  It grows so fast!  And the best part is now we can spike it up!  AJ loves when I do his hair.  "Put del in pwease Mommy!" he says.  Very sweet!  And then he wants to look in the mirror when it is done.  I always think AJ looks even more like Trav right after a haircut.  

AJ hates the flash on my camera.  He runs when he sees me get the camera out now (that is why I haven't posted many pictures...they are mostly of him running away these days!). I got him to stand still for the pictures by telling him I was going to put them on the computer.  But he did make some goofy scrunchy faces!

This one cracks me up!

I tuned the flash off for these two so they are grainy.

This one would be pretty good if I would have used the flash!  Oh well.  At least everyone can see his haircut!