Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mommade Lunchable

Lunch for the second day of school is one of my boys favorites, a Lunchable style lunch made by Mom. Just as fun but much more tasty and healthy. This included; low sodium salami, cheddar cheese, wheat crackers, cucumber slices, baby dill pickles and unsweetened apple sauce.

First Day of First Grade Lunch

AJ started first grade today and will be eating lunch at school for the first time. Here is what he'll be eating: tortellini pasta salad with cheddar cheese, salami and cucumber, baby dill pickles, what AJ calls "bento crackers" and a Zrope as a special first day treat. He also has water to drink.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Random Cuteness

Still trying to catch up and get better about blogging. Here are some random cute pictures of the boys.

Alan had a great time at his first Easter egg hunt! AJ's hunt was at night with a flashlight so we didn't get any pictures.

Sleeping on Daddy :)

Watching a movie in the trailer.

I got up and left my computer on the couch for about 30 seconds and this is what I saw when I turned around.

For once AJ actually wanted to get in on a picture!

Then I got him to actually pose for a picture by telling him I wanted a picture of the airplane he just made. He has been enjoying using his scissors a lot lately.

AJ loved this place! We had lots of fun at a friends birthday party. AJ didn't stop moving and Alan got a nasty head bonk while showing me he has no fear of heights or jumping from them. And then he tried to do it again.

This was the best excuse ever to not get the laundry folded.

Snuggle boys!

I still have several more posts to catch up on but at least I got some of the random cuteness posted! There is so much of it it's hard to know where to start.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Fair!

We went to the Puyallup Spring Fair a couple weeks ago. We had such a great time. We didn't tell the boys where we were going. AJ just knew it was a surprise. We started by picking AJ up from school before swimming, then we picked Trav up from work, then we headed to the fair!

Alan and I on Alan's first ever fair ride. It was that fire truck thing that goes way up and around. It wasn't my favorite thing but Alan LOVED it! Every time it slowed down he said, "More whee, more whee!".

AJ on the same ride. He wanted to sit in front of Alan and I. He made friends with the little girl who sat next to him and had a great time.

Brothers on the helicopter ride.

Of course they both loved the monster trucks. I tried really hard to get a good picture of both boys together but this was the best I ended up with.

It was a wonderful day and the boys did great!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

I had a very wonderful day today that started with AJ sneaking into my room to wake me up with birthday kisses. He told me that today was the very best birthday day in the whole world! Then he told me to stay in bed and he was going to make me a special yummy birthday surprise thing.

It was an English muffin with butter, honey and red sprinkles, a carrot cake muffin that my wonderful Mama made, and an orange that Daddy helped him peel. Then all three of my boys brought it in to me and sang happy birthday. It was a perfect day right from the beginning!

Then my Mama came over and brought me a wonderful Better Then S*x Cake. And this amazing gift...

It's a Pandora Bracelet. I just saw one on a great blog I follow and totally fell in love. This is a starter bracelet with two spacer beads and a very sweet gold heart charm. My mom always tells me that I am her heart. I hope to find special charms to represent important people and events in my life. It will be a bracelet filled with memories. And for right now I am very happy with it just as it is, until I find the next perfect charm.

Then when my mom left, my Joey came over to surprise me and was surprised to find that he had missed my mom. He stayed to visit and eat dinner with us.

And my wonderful Hubby brought home my very favorite butter chicken and naan bread for my birthday dinner. And then insisted that birthday girls shouldn't do dishes!

Now I'm going to go end the day by curling up with Trav and watching Freaks and Geeks. It's been a great day!

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me cards, messages, texts and phone calls today. I am feeling very loved and spoiled. Thank you for making today so special.

***I know I have been bad about blogging again. I had been posting at night while sitting in Alan's room while he fell asleep. He doesn't need me to sit with him anymore so now I need to find a new place in my day to make sure it gets done. I'm hoping to do several catch up posts in the next few days.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bentos Again

Here are some more random bento meals I have done for the boys. They love each one!

This was dinner from tonight. Sesame chicken over rice with corn and zucchini. Unfortunately they didn't eat much of it.

This was Travz plate. It looked pretty so I took a picture. He and I loved the chicken.

This was a lunch in one of our new Lock and Lock boxes from Grandpa. They are great! Peanut butter and honey sandwich, frozen peas and corn (they love it fresh from the freezer!), cottage cheese and apple sauce. I stuck an animal pick in each box just to add a little something because it seemed like a pretty boring meal. They ate just about every last crumb though.

MTM (muffin tin meal). BBQ sauce, home made peanut sauce, frozen veggies (cooked this time) and Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets. They were thrilled with this meal!

These were the first meals served in these new bento boxes from Grammy. Unfortunately about five minutes into the meal AJ knocked one of the lids off the table and it broke. We use these boxes almost every day though. They are a great size for a snack or breakfast. Fake grass hair, sushi roll eyes, home made corn muffins with ham, cheese and onion in them and strawberry fortune cookies in little decorative baskets for lips. My mom helped with the layout ideas for these. I love how each one has it's own personality. The boys seem to like when the meals look like faces the best. The corn muffins were wonderful. We all loved them and they didn't last long!

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Running to School

Yesterday we finally had a day nice enough to walk to school. When we got to the trail I let Alan get out of the stroller so he could run with AJ. It was the sweetest thing ever to see the two of them just run and run.

Not the best picture ever but it makes me smile.

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