Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Pictures!

AJ went to work at the Studio with Trav this morning. Alan and I went to have lunch with them and bring AJ home. While we were there Trav took some pictures of the boys. It could have gone a little better but we did get some good pictures.
They didn't really like having their pictures taken.

They get this from their father!

This was the best picture of them together. Just one smile but still sweet!

My big boy!!!

My baby is growing up too fast!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010




Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Hubby

Ali got these PJ bottoms for Trav for Christmas. I think this is the first time I have ever seen Trav in PJ's (he usually sleeps in shorts)! I like them and so does he. They are great for around the house when it's a bit cooler.

I have to add this about Christmas with our boys. It was so much fun to watch AJ opening his gifts. I think it took about 2 1/2 hours. After pretty much every present he opened he would stop to play. I love that about him. He wasn't wanting to get to the next thing. Just wanting to play with whatever it was he had just opened. We even stopped to eat breakfast in the middle of it all and he was fine with that too.

AJ loved to help Alan open his gifts too. He was so excited for each thing that Alan got. As he would help Alan open things he would show him what it was and how to play with it. Then he would leave it close, so that Alan could reach it. And Alan was happy to sit, watch, chew on a little wrapping paper and smile at everything.

It really was the best Christmas ever! Our first Christmas as a family of 4. It was amazing! Christmas really does just get better and better every year!

Christmas Morning (part 2)

As soon as AJ heard Alan up he ran in and jumped into bed with him. He does that all the time! Alan loves it so much! And so do I. If Alan wakes up fussy as soon as he sees A he is the happiest boy in the world!

Opening the special present Mommy and Daddy made.
I think out of all the gifts AJ got for Christmas the little wooden houses we made are the only things AJ doesn't play with!
Playing with all the fun new toys!
Santa brought this little net feeder for Alan. It's wonderful! He eats everything out of it since we don't have to worry about him choking. And with this one you can change the net bag in it so there is always a clean one.
AJ and the loot!

Christmas Morning

Here are a few pictures from Christmas. We didn't take many. We did do some video. Who knows when that will be ready to show though.
This was actually a few days before Christmas.

Best Christmas present ever!!!
Christmas morning! Santa came!
AJ checking out his video game bike. It's really cool! You have to peddle to play. And the games are all about letters and numbers.

Alan woke up while AJ was checking out his bike. I love him in these snuggy PJs!
More in the next post!

And Gingerbread Houses

AJ's method of helping build his gingerbread house with Grammy was to eat as much candy as he could.
But Grammy sure did a good job! I love these kits that come with the molded tray for all of the pieces to go into.
And Alan took a nice nap on the couch while AJ and Grammy worked on the gingerbread house. It was one of the few times I was able to put him down while he was sleeping at some one else's house!

Santa Pictures! (part 3)

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause!

AJ couldn't wait to build a gingerbread house with Grammy!

Santa Pictures! (part 2)

Santa pictures! (part 1)

We went to my parents house so the boys could see Santa! We were so lucky to have our own privet visit with him. The only sad part about the visit was that Papa wasn't there ;) AJ was an incredible happy little boy to see Santa and have so much time with him. It was totally magical to see his shining eyes when we got there and Santa met us at the car! It was the highlight of my Christmas! Alan did really well too. No crying. He was just wondering what all the fuss was about I think.

Hi santa!

One More Thing

If you see a post that is just pictures and file names check back soon. When I export the pictures they automatically post to Blogger and I have to go back and add whatever text I want. The updated posts with text should usually be up very soon after the pictures. Be sure to come back so you don't miss out on the cute stories about what my Monkey Boys are up to!

One More Try!!!

I was looking through the blog last night and realized how much AJ has really grown up and changed. I have been posting pictures and video on Facebook a lot lately. It's really easy and lots of people get to see it that way. But I realized that with the blog I get to look back and read all the fun things I said about AJ and what he was doing. I miss that with FB. So once again I'm going to try to get my blog going and keep it going! I found a plugin that lets me export pictures right from iPhoto to Blogger. It doesn't work quite as I would like it too but it it much easier then the way I was getting pictures on here before! So here we go... One more try!


Alan has discovered his feet! And he loves them!

AJ helping Trav on the computer.

Just one more, PLEASE?!

My happy baby!

AJ and his gingerbread boy.

Gingerbread boy close up!