Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Pictures!

AJ went to work at the Studio with Trav this morning. Alan and I went to have lunch with them and bring AJ home. While we were there Trav took some pictures of the boys. It could have gone a little better but we did get some good pictures.
They didn't really like having their pictures taken.

They get this from their father!

This was the best picture of them together. Just one smile but still sweet!

My big boy!!!

My baby is growing up too fast!!!


SusanBluerobot said...

Oh my gosh they are fantastic photos . they are both growing up soo fast.
Great to see the photos

Loving Lola said...

Aw they're so cute! So glad to see you're a blogger! I'll be reading yours now too! :) very sweet family Jen. Thanks for sharing.