Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Bentos

Here are some more bento meals and snacks I have made for the boys this week. I'm having so much fun finding little things to use in them and thinking of fun things to do!

Dinner for Alan one night. Garlic naan bread, chicken cut in strips, bear shaped sticky rice, catsup and corn.

A little snack for Alan. Peanut butter sandwich with bunny cut outs.

A little bento snack for AJ to take to school. Pretzel sticks and mini pepperoni.

This is a lunch a made one day when we had two of AJ's friends over after school so I needed lunch for four kids. Bagel and cream cheese, salami and strawberries. It was a huge hit! The little animal picks I used are from the cake decorating department as are the over sized sprinkles I used for the eyes.

Cheese bunnies with sprinkle eyes sitting on log pretzels.

Dinner for both boys and I think their favorite bento meal so far. Ham, egg and cheese sandwiches with a gingerbread cut out. I cut up Pocky sticks to make the eyes and buttons and a piece of pretzel for the mouth. Pumpkin pie carrots (steamed carrots with butter and pumpkin pie spice) and Bento Crackers, as AJ calls them, finished the meal.

Dinner from last night was mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and baked ham. I used shredded cheese balled up for the eyes of the face and a round pretzel for the nose.

And finally breakfast this morning. Toast sandwich with gingerbread cut outs with cream cheese and jam. The eyes are circles cut out of cheese using the end of a straw with oversized sprinkles for the centers. I used the same sprinkles for the buttons. And strawberries with animal picks in them.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My newest obsession is making bento box meals for the boys. They are really fun. I have seen some that other people do that are very fancy and complicated. I don't have the time or creativity for that but I am having fun making them and the boys are having fun eating them.

Here are some from today

This was an afternoon snack. Little crackers and smoked almonds, strawberries and a chocolate coin. The boys love the little animal picks that are in the berries. I just got the little silicone muffin cups today and the really help to organize and decorate the bento boxes!

AJ's lunch for tomorrow. Veggie crackers, pig shaped ham, duck shaped cheese, veggie sticks with dip, strawberries and 2 chocolate coins. This is packed in AJ's new laptop lunchbox. So far I love it and AJ is very excited to take his fun lunch to school.

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I'm testing updating my blog using a new app on my iPhone. I hope this works!

Alan needs a bigger mattress. He really likes sleeping in a big boy bed though :)

I tried to give AJ a mohawk. It didn't last long though.

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