Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My newest obsession is making bento box meals for the boys. They are really fun. I have seen some that other people do that are very fancy and complicated. I don't have the time or creativity for that but I am having fun making them and the boys are having fun eating them.

Here are some from today

This was an afternoon snack. Little crackers and smoked almonds, strawberries and a chocolate coin. The boys love the little animal picks that are in the berries. I just got the little silicone muffin cups today and the really help to organize and decorate the bento boxes!

AJ's lunch for tomorrow. Veggie crackers, pig shaped ham, duck shaped cheese, veggie sticks with dip, strawberries and 2 chocolate coins. This is packed in AJ's new laptop lunchbox. So far I love it and AJ is very excited to take his fun lunch to school.

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