Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Monster

There is a picture on the wall at AJ's school.  He calls it a monster.  It is really a picture of a little girl on the playground and the shadow of another child.  But you can't see the other child, only the shadow.  AJ insists that it is a monster.  He talks about the monster at his school all the time.  The first time he told me about it he was a little worried but not really scared.  We have been talking about and playing with our shadows so that he understands wheat they are.  When we were out walking one day Trav took the picture above of our shadows.  AJ really likes it.  We are going to take the picture to school tomorrow for "show and share" and we will look at the "monster" picture at school and at our "family shadow" picture together.  He does understand what shadows are now.  He gets excited when we can see ours and he loves to wave and dance and watch his shadow wave and dance too.  But he still insists that the picture at school is a monster.  He likes it though.  And I really like our "family shadow" picture.  It's a fun different kind of family portrait.

AJ's First Day At School!

AJ started school this month.  He just goes twice a week for an hour and a half.  He is doing so great and asks to go to school and see his teachers every day.  He didn't have any problems at all when Trav and I left him the first day.  I can't believe my baby is going to school!

He loves his "backack".

They have some fun dress up clothes in his class...
...some very fun dress up clothes!
He loved these hats!  I think we might need to get some dress up clothes for him for christmas!

AJ Builds A Tower & Swimming

AJ loves playing with blocks these days.  His new favorite thing is to build towers as tall as he can and knock them over.  He thinks it's the funniest thing ever.

I love this look on his face!  He is always surprised when the tower starts to get tall and it doesn't fall over when he adds a new block.

He actually managed to get this block on without knocking it over.  But he knocked it over on purpose before I could get the picture of it finished.  I think it was his tallest tower ever!

This was AJ's first time in a swimming pool.  He LOVED it!  He was actually happier when we took the vest off him.  He even likes to be dunked!  He starts swimming lessons in a couple weeks.
Laughing with Papa in the pool.

Some AJ cuteness!

Okay, I am trying to catch up with some pictures from the last couple months.  So here are some random Monkey pictures.  He just keeps getting cuter and cuter!
Sitting in the chair Auntie made him for his birthday and playing with the kitchen Grammy and Papa gave him.  He does this a lot.

AJ's new hat...don't worry it came out of the clean laundry basket!
My little Spiderman! AJ saw something with Spiderman on it a while ago and has been asking for a Spiderman shirt ever since.  He was pretty happy about these pjs instead though.

He sings the Ittsy Bittsy Spider while he wears his S.M. pjs.  

Silly face outside.  

Monday, September 15, 2008

Playing with Travz camera

Trav has a really fun new camera so he is leaving his old one at  home for me to play with.  It is way more camera then I can figure out but luckily is has an automatic setting so I can get some use out of it.  Here is my sweet Monkey Boy in his "princess" hat (Maja, one of my daycare kids saw a princess at the park this weekend and was really excited so we made princess hats today).  

Yeah, the hats were too big for everyone so the kept falling off.  They still loved them though!