Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Tank Stuff

Here are some more recent pictures of my tank.

The other night I fed my tank and two of my sexy shrimp shared one pellet of food.  They usually get territorial over food so it was fun to see them share!

I took these this morning.  This is a mini brittle starfish.  It was a hitchhiker in the pipe organ coral from Johnny.  They have been busy reproducing and now I have them all over!  They are fun to hunt for.  I like to see how many I can count at once.  The record so far is 15!  This is a great picture because most of them only have 3 long legs and 3 very short ones.  They split in half to reproduce then re-grow the missing half.

The green spot on the rock in the middle of the picture is a new mushroom I got yesterday.  It was a bargain and once it feels at home and opens up it is going to be beautiful!  I am hoping it will have lots of babies and cover the rock.  

And this is one of the sexies saying hi to the xenia I got a couple weeks ago.  My mom bought it for me on a birthday shopping trip!  It is doing great and already has lots of new growth.  It is only about an inch and a half tall.  (Laurie, you should show this picture to Andrew.  He cut the rock it was on for me because it was too big.  It go a bit banged up in the process and I was worried it wouldn't make it.  I think it is my favorite thing in the tank right now!)

I forgot to take a full tank shot this morning.  I will try to get one soon along with some close up shots of all my critters and corals.  I know not very many people are as interested in this as I am but I don't mind.  My feelings won't be hurt if you skip over my tank posts!


Krystie Lee said...

We have salt water tank envy! Jesse is over my shoulder right now asking me 40,000 questions about the tank that I don't have answers for. Please hurry with the detailed pictures and descriptions of everything!! :) lol!

He wants to ask permission to see the tank the next time he drops off E.

AJ's Mama said...

Jesse can see it next time he is here. It is SO much fun! And it would be GREAT if Jesse got into it too! He could help me!