Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Night-night

Alan got a big boy bed today! It's just a mattress on the floor for now. He has been sleeping on his crib mattress on the floor for about 2 weeks now so we thought it was time for something bigger and not so easy to fall out of. We wanted a full sized mattress so there would be plenty of room for snuggles and reading books together. We'll get him an actually bed sometime after we know that he won't fall out of it.

He is so excited! When I first brought it in and told him it was his new big boy bed he said, "no!". Then got very upset when I moved the crib mattress out of the way. But then when I got the mattress into place his face lit up and he said, "New night-night!". Then when the new sheets went on he was thrilled!

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molly said...

I can't believe he's in a big boy bed already.

Krystie Lee said...

Cute! He looks little in that big bed!