Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stuffed "Easter Munnies"

AJ has another cold and we were going a little crazy yesterday afternoon from being cooped up for to long. I was looking for a project to distract us. AJ requested that I sew some Easter Bunnies. Luckily the patter he like the best was a pretty easy one. They still took longer to make then I thought they would though! The pattern can be found here
Alan calls his, "Easter Munny!". Always said with lots of enthusiasm.

I used the same pattern for both. The brighter yellow bunny was much stretchier fleece so he came out a little bit off. He's got good personality though!

I added the boys names. They love that part!

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Jen said...

Those are soooo cute! You are so crafty Jen!

Anonymous said...

I hadn't checked you blog since the bentos, but did just now, and wanted to tell you these bunnies are ardorable. The bright one looks like those bunny shaped peeps. :)